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Winter Weather Products

We stock a large supply of Deicing product including Rocksalt, Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride and Safe Thaw. We also have bagged coarse sand which can be used for traction on ice and also for weight to put in your vehicle.

salt-imgMined in the USA, American Rock Salt Halite is available in 50lb bags. It is fast acting and has superior melting power. American Rock Salt Halite begins melting ice quickly
and keeps melting it for an extended period of time. This is made possible through multiple-sized crystals. The smallest crystals dissolve quickly while the larger crystals last longer, reducing the amount of rock salt needed to get the job done.

American Rock Salt is easy to apply. It may be safely used on most surfaces ranging from blacktop, wood, stone, and gravel to properly cured air-entrained concrete.

salt-img2Calcium chloride flakes are used in the following applications:

+ Raising water hardness
+ Dust control on unpaved roads and parking lots
+ May also be used as a deicer
+ Industrial applications include concrete acceleration, tire weight ing, brine refrigeration systems and waste water treatment.

salt-img3+ Highly effective ice melter
+ Generates heat the instant it contacts ice and snow
+ Spherical shape quickly bores into ice and snow
+ Works effectively down to -25 degrees F

The actual brands stocked can vary based on availability during the season.


Looking for an eco-friendly winter salt and deicer alternative?

Safe for You, Your Family and Your Property

  • Safe to touch or accidentally ingest by children, pets and wildlife
  • Will not burn or damage grass or plants
  • Will not corrode or damage brick, stone or uncured concrete
  • Will not rust vehicles or metal landscaping elements
  • Will not stain clothing or carpets
  • Does not contain any carcinogenic silica dust like sand
  • Contains no salt, chlorides, chemicals, or dyes

Naturally Benefits Our Environment

  • Aerates soil through its porous ‘honeycomb’ structure
  • Releases nutrients and minerals back to plants slowly
  • Retains water in the soil medium longer reducing watering requirements
  • Reduces lawn damage from dog urine as it neutralizes the ammonia before it burns the grass
  • Absorbs and removes heavy metals from lakes, rivers and sewage
  • Filters the air from noxious fumes and absorbs nuisance odors
  • Even absorbs the residual white sodium staining caused by salt and ice smelters

User Friendly

  • Highly-visible dark green color on ice and snow
  • Resists freezing or clumping
  • Dark green color accelerates ice melting by absorbing solar radiation
  • Simply sweep EcoTraction onto your lawn and garden in the spring, or collect for re-use the following winter

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