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Cold Weather Masonry Products

We stock all the necessary product to make your Cold Weather Masonry work possible and easier.

Chloride and Non Chloride Winter Admix.

chloride-imgWINTER ADMIXTURE is a multi-purpose liquid admixture designed to accelerate the normal setting rate of mortar, increase strength development at all ages, and to improve workability. It can be used safely with gray or white portland cement or colored masonry cements without causing discoloration.

chloride-img2Hard-N-Fast and Hard-N-Fast Mini chloride free powder set accelerator for mortar is an admixture for mortar designed to allow for more effective construction of masonry walls in cold temperatures. It is pre-measured white dry powder proportioned for each mortar batch. Each foil bag is preprinted with instructions.

VOLCANO ROD™ Electric Sand Pile Heating System

  • rod-imgWarm steaming sand pile
  • Quicker morning start up¼Less waiting around Increases bricklayer productivity
  • Saves energy costs¼their electricity vs your propane
  • Compact, easy to store¼fits behind the seat of a pickup truck
  • One piece stainless steel construction
  • Heats at night and all day while you work

gloves-imgThe original chilly grip glove heavyweight navy thermal knit liner textured blue natural rubber palm fully dipped thumb

Concrete Curing Blankets

blankets-imgConcrete blankets are stocked in 6’x25′ sections. They can be purchased or rented.

Allied Precision The Premier Line Bucket Water Heater

precision-imgThis Allied Precision Bucket Heater is dsigned to heat water as opposed to de-icing water. A stainless-steel guard protects the durable heating element that will heat water past 150F towards boiling, depending on the bucket’s volume and insulation. It somes with a 6ft. cord and is designed to rest easily inside a 5 gallon bucket. The heater is thermostatically controlled with over-temperature protection.

  • For use in water only
  • 1000 watts
  • 19 in. x 3in. x 3in.

Reinforced Poly and Wind Clips


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